How Coffee is Linked to Health and the Research Behind It

Why do we think coffee fights tiredness?
Firstly, people who drink coffee say they feel more awake. They also notice it in others. Secondly, surveys back this up. In 2016, 84% of people drinking coffee agreed it helps them get started for the day.
Thirdly, some scientists say coffee with caffeine can boost your brain, help you exercise longer, and improve your sports skills.
All three types of research point to the same thing.
However, health and diet news is always changing and sometimes gives…

A Scientific Look at the Connection Between Coffee and Health

The coffee industry has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few decades, and along with it, an increased scrutiny of its impact on health.
While the relationship between coffee and health is complex, scientific research has revealed both positive and negative effects of this widely-consumed beverage. Here’s an exploration of the connection between coffee and health, based on scientific studies.
Cardiovascular Health
One of the most researched areas of coffee’s …