NCA’s Comprehensive Guide to Coffee and Marijuana

In recent years, both the coffee and cannabis industries have been riding waves of public interest, research, and social acceptance.
As society grows more curious about these plant-based products, the National Coffee Association (NCA) has released a comprehensive guide that delves into the synergies, scientific correlations, and market trends of coffee and cannabis.
The Crossroads of Culture
Coffee and cannabis share a rich cultural history, rooted in ancient traditions and modern trends. The NCA guide presents the evolution of these two commodities as parallel, yet distinct, trajectories that have long been a part …

The Universal Coffee Market and Its Commodity Trading Hub

The global coffee market is a complex ecosystem with a value estimated to reach over $102 billion by 2023, according to some market reports.
This sprawling industry involves myriad players – farmers, processors, exporters, traders, and consumers – and is subject to a diverse array of pressures, including climate change, geopolitical tensions, and consumer preferences.
Amid this intricacy lies the commodity exchange of coffee, a crucial component that significantly impacts pricing and trading on a global …

What You Should Know about Water for Coffee

Given that water makes up such a large percentage of the final cup, it’s reasonable to assume that its composition can significantly influence the flavors we perceive. Just like beer brewing, the water profile can deeply affect the end result.
The Chemistry of Water in Brewing Coffee
The main constituents of water that we’re concerned with when brewing coffee are:
Calcium and Magnesium Ions
These ions contribute to “hardness” and affect how effectively flavors are extracted from the coffee grounds. They also have a tendency to form scale in …